Wolf Box Drawing Set

The Wolf Box Drawing Set consists of 25 pieces of the finest Cretacolor pastels and charcoals for drawing and sketching. The set extends beyond the tonality of black and white with the addition of chromium yellow and ochre light.

These colored pastel pencils add dimension and highlights to your drawings.

This set includes white Pastel Artist's Pencils (soft, oily soft), white Pastel Artist's lead (soft), white Pastel Stick 7x14 mm (dry, soft), Hard Pastels (white, black), Nero Art Stick 7x14 mm (extrasoft), Nero Art Stick 7x7 mm, Sketching Charcoal Stick (7x15 mm, 72mm long), Compressed Charcoal Sticks (soft, medium, hard), Black Pastel Artist's Lead (medium), Nero Artist's Lead (soft), Charcoal Artist's Lead (medium), Nero Artist's Pencils (extrasoft, medium), Charcoal Artist's Pencils (extrasoft, medium), Black Pastel Artist's Pencil (medium), Fine Art Pastel Pencils (chromium yellow, ochre light), Included Accessories (sharpener, kneaded eraser, polishing leather).her.

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