MUSEjar is a space for all things inspiring and creative with a goal of supporting wellbeing through self-expression.

We are part shop, part studio, and part private art space. Our store carries a curated selection of art supplies and beautifully designed and crafted goods. Our studio hosts a wide variety of workshops to help you find your MUSE. And, our private art space is a beautiful blank canvas for creating one of a kind experiences.

Come say hi, and get inspired!

Our Mission

Our passion is living creatively, and we're here to inspire and support you in the pursuit.

We believe in the power of creating, and embrace it's ability to shape a full and fun life.

Art comes in endless forms and we want you to find your MUSE!

Vanessa Frost


Hi! I'm Vanessa, the muse behind MUSEjar. I LOVE teaching and inspiring others to find their muse. What is a muse? It's that one thing that sets your soul on fire. Yes, it changes and evolves over time, but whatever fans the flame, THAT is it. I love helping people discover their muse and encouraging them to keep feeding the fire, whether it's through supplies, conversation, classes, lessons, or even social events. Encouraging and inspiring others is what it's all about. That is how MUSEjar was born — filling a void of creativity and community. A place where people can gather and express themselves, learn new things, and even find themselves.

The number one question I get is, "Did you go to art school?" Almost like, did you get the universal stamp of approval to DO THE THING? Yes, I did. I went to The University of Vermont for Film and Studio Art. I painted and threw clay until the sun came up and made movies with my friends every chance I got. I moved to NYC to work in film and would staple raw canvas to my apartment walls so I could paint in my free time. I was never not creating.

Some things you may not know about me...I love artichokes, I'd choose cheese over chocolate any day of the week, I was born in the desert, my preferred drink is whiskey on the rocks, and I've been to 10 countries and don't plan to stop anytime soon.

Travel, people, nature, and music are my MUSES.