Sennelier Rive Gauche Oil Paint

Made in France, from the famed Parisian riverside that once inspired artists such as Matisse and Picasso. Sennelier’s line of fine oil paint offers the City of Paris in both 40ml and 200ml tubes! Made from a rich, balanced blend of cadmium substitutes, Rive Gauche Fine Oils are highly pigmented, producing colors with an opaqueness and luminosity equivalent to that of real cadmium. Bound with safflower oil, Rive Gauche fine oils have a lower level of yellowing, and are designed to dry twice as fast as classic oils without losing workability. With its thick, creamy consistency, oil colors mix clearly, and each paint stroke is smooth and uniform; drying to an intense satin finish.
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Cadmium Red Orange
Payne's Grey
Phthalo Green (blue shade)
Cadmium Yellow (med)
Ivory Black
Yellow Ochre - 200ml
Ultramarine Blue (light) - 200 ml
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