Koi Watercolor Tubes

Students, hobbyists, and fine artists enjoy the smooth, subtle gradations of Koi® Water Colors. These student-grade tube watercolors perform well when applied to wet or dry paper, allow for versatility in correction and layering, and give the artist the ability to create washes with soft edges and dynamic color possibilities. Koi's smooth and vibrantly pigmented colors instantly respond to water, are quick-drying, and contain a special binding agent for even brush suspension that allows the painter to combine an array of colors to match their subject matter, spread color easily and evenly across the paper, create spontaneous washes with soft edges, layer, merge and adjust colors in whatever painting techniques.
  • Available in multiple colors
  • 12ml tube
  • Highly concentrated straight from the tube
  • Quick-drying on watercolor paper
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Vermillion Hue #18
Viridian Hue #31
Purple #24
Pale Orange #7
Chinese White #50
Deep Green #30
Lemon Yellow #2
Yellow Green #27
Emerald Green #26
Cerulean Blue #26
Carmine #19
VanDyke Brown #17
Yellow Ochre #15
Burnt Sienna #12
Magenta #122
Ivory Black #49
Gold #51
Silver #53
Orange #5
Ultramarine #38
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