Pitt Artist Big Brush Pens

PITT Artist Big Brush Pens contain four times the amount of lightfast, acid-free pigmented India Ink as the PITT Artist Pen, offering great coverage for work in large formats. The ink is smudge-resistant and waterproof when dry. The Big Brush Pens have a strong, big, nib for wide full strokes and narrow detailed strokes. They are ideal for sketches, journals, cartooning and fine ink drawing. Available in brilliant bold colors that are blendable, yet permanent when dry.

The White PITT Big Pens feature a bullet nib and are filled with water-based, odorless white India ink with rich pigments making them opaque and permanent.
Sold Out
Unit Price
Warm Grey 273
Cold Grey 232
Warm Grey 272
Warm Grey 270
Dark Sepia 175
Raw Umber 180
Walnut Brown 177
Dark Phthalo Green 264
Sanguine 188
118 scarlet red
167 perm. Green olive
113 orange glaze
169 caput Mortum
133 magenta
110 phthalo blue
Cadmium Yellow 107
Green Gold 268
Light Green 171
Black 199
White 101
Chromium Green Opaque 174
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