OCTOBER 28 • Personal Astrology - Your Signs & Birth Charts Simplified

Learn the basics of your astrological blueprint: the Birth Chart, and how your individual placements of Sun, Moon and Rising signs fit together. You’re not “just” your sun sign, and no, you don’t hate all Scorpios (and sorry, but we've all got Gemini in there , too). We all have ALL the signs just in different parts of our natures. Our Birth Chart is our personal sky, a snapshot of the planetary action at the moment of our birth and can be utilized as an energetic “map.” Understanding how we’re made is a question of where the signs fall in our personal story and can be a valuable tool for self-analysis and awareness. In this class we’ll learn how the chart is laid out and what the houses mean, and why the 1st, 7th and 10th are so important. We’ll also talk about your personal moon sign and your chart ruler, the Rising -Sign, and give you tools to simplify the birth chart into something you can begin to work with on a daily basis. 

*Students must know their date, place and exact time of birth in -order to produce a chart.

AGES: 16 and over

EXPERIENCE: Beginner. All experience levels are welcome

MATERIALS: All supplies are included

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