MAY 1 • Powerful Transformations: Eclipses

Eclipses! They trigger our development by bringing us what we need, not what we want, so they have a reputation as disruptors. Much like the moon disrupts the light of the sun, the energetic disruption shakes up those areas of our lives connected to the cycle that need growth by clearing away outdated structures so that we can be catalyzed. They have a reputation for good reason: consider them proverbial house cleaners.
Eclipses activate the north and south node on an individual's birth chart, known sometimes as the "nodes of destiny." Where your north and south node is, and moon placement can show where the eclipse “tunnel” will impact you personally.
The current eclipse cycle revolves around the Taurus/Scorpio axis, which kicked off on April 30, 2022 with a partial new moon eclipse in Taurus, followed by a companion full moon eclipse Nov 8, 2022. The next eclipse on May 5, 2023 will finish what has been perfecting since then. The areas of your life ruled by Taurus and Scorpio have probably been radically altered, and we can expect one last pitch of intensity between 4/20 and 5/10, much like the final thrashing of the “dragon’s tail” (as we sometime refer to the south node, our node of karma).
Join us for a workshop on eclipses and ancient knowledge, get a mini reading on the houses in the birth chart and we’ll talk about ways this eclipse chain has impacted you and how to move mindfully forward through this last “tower moment” that will define the months of transformation to come.

AGES: 18 years and over


MATERIALS: Please bring a notebook and writing materials for note taking


Tami has worked with the tarot and astrology for twenty years and includes these practices and mindfulness as an essential part of her creative process.


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