MARCH 12 + 19 • Intro to Portrait Drawing

In this introductory 2-part drawing series, we will break down each part of the human face into basic shapes in order to understand the foundation of portraits. Proportions studies, shading techniques, and even material uses will also be demonstrated to give each student the skills and tools needed on their journey to drawing faces! Each class (2 three-hour sessions) will explore at least 1 facial component, culminating into putting all the pieces together to create a full face portrait! 

AGES: 14 and over

EXPERIENCE: Beginner. All levels welcome 

MATERIALS: *Supplies not included  (Supply list below!)

INSTRUCTOR: Lisa Pimental

LOCATION: MUSE Studio • 71 Pine Street

{MUSEjar often has multiple classes being taught at one time.  Please plan accordingly as parking is limited. See attached graphic for additional off-site parking.}


*Recommended Supply List:

- Sketchbook 

- Pencils

- Eraser (kneaded preferred)

- Smudge/blending stick

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