KOH-I-NOOR Woodless Colored Single Pencil

Koh-I-Noor’s Progresso Woodless pencils are unique solid color lead sticks with a lacquer coating. They have a pleasantly weighty feel and contain a wide range of dense, evenly dispersed pigments that lay down easily.  They work beautifully in delicate layers or in heavy strokes, and because of the softness of the lead they blend extraordinarily well.  Woodless colored pencils are excellent for precise artwork as well as broad, loose strokes, and shading work. They can be sharpened with a traditional pencil sharpener.
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Unit Price
3 White
22 Burnt Sienna
23 Natural Sepia
8 Dark Violet
18 Paris Blue
6 Light Blue
17 Sky Blue
5 Hookers Green
21 Light Ochre
4 Sap Green
19 Lime Green
1 Light Yellow
13 Dark Yellow
9 Light Vermilion
15 Scarlet Lake
10 Carmine
891 charcoal
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