JUNE 10 • Astrology of She - Lady Venus in Taurus

Join us for an evening learning about Venus as she moves into her home sign of Taurus on May 28, and what that means for us in the summer ahead.

Venus is our feminine archetype in astrology; one of our planetary metaphors for womanhood. The facet of feminine that Venus represents rules love, attraction, beauty, art, pleasure, abundance (yes, money), harmony, creativity and our relationships with others.

Venus values luxury and art, and wherever Venus is involved is a striving towards harmony and beauty. Venus is the ruler of Taurus and Libra, and the 2nd house. As Lady Venus moves her way through the houses and signs of the astrological wheel, she expresses her desires through the energies of the sign she's traveling through, and so has many faces - just as we do.

Where she falls in our birth chart is our personal Venus sign - it shows how we attract the things we want, including (but not just) partners, how you show love and affection, how you need to be loved and what you need in order to feel safe, secure and strong, and at ease -Knowing your Venus sign can give clearer insight into ourselves, which is where empowerment comes from!


AGES: 18 years and over


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