FEBRUARY 28 + MARCH 6 • Building a Landscape Series with LaCott Fine Art

This intermediate-level two-week series will build off the foundational watercolor practices discussed in our beginner's landscape series.
We will focus on compositional planning, underpainting and masking, layering, and tools you can use to level up your paintings. We will learn to capture detail, depth, and texture as we progress in the series. We will plan and prep our landscape in week one and execute our compositions in week two.
This class is a great building block for those students who have taken Basics Through Landscape or feel they are at the intermediate level. Students should feel comfortable mixing color, brush control, and basic watercolor practices wet-on-wet and wet-on-dry.
Students are required to bring a reference landscape photo. If students would like bring any personal supplies, like brushes, paints, palettes etc, they are welcome!

AGES: Ages 16+

EXPERIENCE: Intermediate

MATERIALS: All supplies included


LOCATION: MUSE Studio • 71 Pine Street

{MUSEjar often has multiple classes being taught at one time.  Please plan accordingly as parking is limited. See attached graphic for additional off-site parking.}

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