Oil Pastels set of 24

Faber-Castell Oil Pastel Set of 24 has bright opaque colors and a soft texture that make the pastels a perfect step for young artists. Oil pastels are easily blended with smooth rich colors and can be smoothed and thinned with baby oil.


Assorted oil pastel comes in White, Dark Cadmium Yellow, Light Cadmium Yellow, Dark Chrome Yellow, Dark Cadmium Orange, Light Cadmium Red, Deep Red, Middle Purple Pink, Light Purple Pink, Purple Violet, Light Magenta, Bluish Turquoise, Light Phthalo Blue, Grass Green, Emerald Green, Burnt Siena, Black, Cobalt Blue Greenish, Hooker's Green, Leaf Green, Silver, Light Yellow Ochre, Van Dyck Brown, Helioblue Reddish.

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