Holly Kirchmeyer

I am Holly, the owner of Flux Fitness and the Head Personal Trainer. I started Flux Fitness because I thought that there could be a better way to think about a healthy lifestyle. Before I opened Flux, I worked as an independent contractor under other gym owners and I had the privilege of learning the in's and out's of being the best trainer I can be. I believe having a healthy lifestyle is much more than just showing up to the gym for 30 minutes once or twice a week. Working out can be enjoyable, results-driven, and an exciting part of your day and I love showing my clients that way of living. I like to focus mainly on getting rid of bad habits, replacing them with good ones, working on yourself, alongside your workouts, and living a lifestyle that allows you to do daily tasks easily and enjoy an adventurous life without limitations. Who knew working out can be fun? Let me show you the way!