JUNE 20 • Zodiac Calendar: Cancer Season - Mother Moon

Astrology 101: A very special workshop for Cancer! Get ready to feel your feelings: It's Cancer Season.
On June 20, the Sun charts its highest path in the sky, kicking off the start of the summer season. The next day, the Sun enters the zodiac sign of Cancer, ruled by its counterpart and balancer, the watery, emotional and ever-changing Moon.
In this special workshop we're going to talk about the moon, in the wake of the Super Full Honey Moon which occurs on June 14. Those born under this sign of the moon are known for their emotional sensitivity, depth of feeling and intuition. They are often beset by intense emotions that they process privately and can be easily wounded, retreating into their inner worlds like the crabs that they're associated with. They're known for their nurturing nature and love to love. Because they can be hopelessly romantic and dreamy, Cancers have a reputation for weakness. But cross or upset a Cancer at your own risk! These gentle babies are in touch with ALL of the feelings.
Cancer season can feel much the same way. In astrology, the sun is the metaphor for the masculine energy and the moon for the feminine. We'll talk about the different lunar phases and how to work with the moon most effectively by learning the particular energy and focus of each phase. We'll also cover how the tone of the moon shifts as it expresses itself through the signs as it transits them, which it does every 2 1/2 days!
Each lunar cycle includes the birth, growth, and conclusion of something in our lives. We can use the astrological sign the moon phase occurs to align ourselves with the areas of our lives best aligned with what energies are being highlighted, as well as what areas of our charts that our personal moon sign falls within.


AGES: 16 years and over


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