JULY 10 • Chakra Art Studies: Ajna - Our Third Eye

Abstract Fiber meets Natural Dyes! The monthly examination of the chakras, using color association and exploration of multiple media! You will be weaving AND dyeing! 
Chakras are energetic power centers that form an important part of our creative identities, and are accessible through many associations ranging from color, scent and even certain foods.Understanding and unlocking these points have powerful impact on our ability to feel, embody our power, speak, sing, dance and create.
In this class we’ll focus on “I See” the Ajna Chakra, associated with our “Third Eye,” the center of perception, consciousness and intuition, and associated with inner sight, clarity of mind and freedom of thought. Its association with deep Indigo blue and sight makes slow exposure cyanotype a perfect medium!
We’ll create the “Muse Eye” using a stencil and learn how to make a cyanotype and what it gradually “develop” during the brightest part of the day while we learn about this important chakra and how our own inner eyes are important in developing our creative muscle outside under the trees in the MUSEloft courtyard. We'll also cover how to mix and prepare cyanotype solution and apply it to a material of your choice so you can experiment with the process independently.

 AGES: 18 years and over


MATERIALS: All supplies included


LOCATION: MUSE Studio or Courtyard (weather permitting) 

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