DECEMBER 11 • The Mythos of Tarot - The Major Arcana, or "Fool's Journey"

The Major Arcana is the part of the deck that deals with shared knowledge and the motifs of the unconscious collective. Its symbolism and pictorial imagery expresses universal themes found in cultures all over the world through the ages and archetypes that resonate with us in ways that we are familiar with but do not consciously understand. They are Big Picture things and can be found in a study of myth and lore from all over the world. A study of the “Fool’s Journey” as a universal story is a helpful aide in trying to learn to work with this portion of the deck and deepens our understanding of tarot as a path to self-knowledge. We’ll learn the arcana cards, their aspects and meanings, and use storytelling from different cultures as a metaphor and helpful aide in remembering and analyzing the cards. Students should bring a notebook and writing/drawing tools to take notes, and their favorite deck, if desired.


AGES: 18 and over

EXPERIENCE: Beginner. All experience levels are welcome

MATERIALS: All supplies are included

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