DECEMBER 11 • Tile Paint Pour with Crafty Fox Co.

DECEMBER 11 • Tile Paint Pour with Crafty Fox Co.

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DECEMBER 11 • 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

This class is a beginner-intermediate paint pouring lesson, where participants will learn how to prep, mix and create true, one of a kind, artworks on tiles that can be used as wall decorations, or as beverage coasters. You will create four abstract images using acrylic paint and other fun materials, as your instructor guides you through the creative process. You will receive takehome instructions on how to seal your coasters with resin, at a later date. This is a very relaxed and experimental art class, where we will watch science and art unfold together in beautiful unison. No artistic skill is needed to create your artwork.

Please note, you will need to leave your artwork for at least 24 hours at the studio for it to properly dry, as a lot of paint will be used in your piece. You will be able to pick up your artwork during studio hours, at your convenience, post-workshop.

AGES: 16 years and up - no experience necessary!

MATERIALS: All supplies are included.

INSTRUCTOR: Angeline Woodworth

Angeline Woodworth is the co-owner of Crafty Fox Co. as well as a wife, and working mom to three children, aged 1.5, 3, and 17. Beyond that, she is also an artist with a particular passion and experience with photography, acrylic and watercolor painting, creative writing, and sketch artwork. Angie studied graphic design with a minor in psychology at The Rochester Institute of Technology, has taught art through after-school programming and with kids. She is passionate about self-expression, nurturing creativity and supporting those abilities with all people, especially children. Angie views creating art as a crucial outlet for thoughts and feelings, and allows for communications and understanding beyond language; all of which is healing, inspiring and thought-provoking for the soul.


NOTE: All classes require a minimum number of students to run. Please sign up in advance to help avoid cancellation due to low registration. In the case of a cancellation, you will be notified prior and receive a full refund. Please read our class policies.