OCTOBER 11 • Floral Tie Dye - Silk Wall Hanging with Svanur

OCTOBER 11 • Floral Tie Dye - Silk Wall Hanging with Svanur


OCTOBER 11 • 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Connecting with plants and the alchemy of natural color we will create and intuitively designed botanically dyed silk wall hanging. A soft, beautiful piece of decor also infused energetically for a reminder of the continuous support the universe and planet gives us just by being, a sacred adornment for any space. We will be utilizing floral waste from local florists and an urban farm as well as concentrated botanical color to create unique, multidimensional art upon a large piece of silk gauze. Attaching the silk to a foraged base of your choosing to create a natural invitation to explore your creation.

AGES: 16 years and up - no experience necessary!


MATERIALS: All supplies are included.

INSTRUCTOR: Nicole Vescio-noblett of Svanur

Botanical healing artist Nicole Vescio-noblett works within the realm of flora honoring the various gifts earth provides us. Owner of Svanur, a self-care ritual based skin care & metaphysical medicine company. Organic urban flower farmer and ceremony facilitator, Nicole believes in sharing the stories and experiences plants can open up for us within so many mediums.

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