Pens for Bullet Journaling: Our Top Must Haves!


The Top 5 Pens We Love & Think You Need for your Bullet Journaling Practice

If you haven't joined the Bullet Journal bandwagon yet, we recommend you consider it. We can make it pretty easy for you to get started too. We are all about the tools to make your life, creative or not, easier.

If you are looking to learn the tricks of the trade, join us for one of our monthly Bullet Journal meetups or if you want our opinion of the best tools for the job, follow along!


Delivered to you in my best elevator pitch!

  • Stabilo Point 88 -  "The Marker." A super-fine felt tip marker with every color under the sun. Use to map out, color coat and write like a pen!

  • Tombow Dual Brush Markers - "The Brush Pen" used to create a little pizazz to your headings, decorate, and embellish. Dual tip means two-sided, a brush tip for easy lettering and a fine tip marker for crisp lines and shapes.

  • Zebra Midliners-  "The Highlighter" set that says, I am an organized adult.  Color coating never seemed so fun. They don't bleed through the thinnest paper and come in the best color packs.

  • Gelly Roll Pens- "The Colored Pen."  An opaque ballpoint pen that surpasses every other writing object, in my opinion. Imagine it gliding on the surface, great for lettering, headings and highlighting the important stuff.

  • Pilot Frixion Erasable Pen - "The Writing Pen." This ballpoint baby is jet black, smudge-proof and guess what, erasable. Sometimes, the lines aren't straight enough, or I forget how to spell — all that fun stuff. 

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Are you a beginner looking for guidance? Are you a Pro-ready to take it to the next level?! Check out our next workshop with Wendy — Monthly Bullet Journaling Club — where she will teach you tips, tricks, and exercises to better your Bullet Journal practice!


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By Laura Cott


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