Nathan Deganis Librera


Artist Statement

In my screen printed illustrations, I depict the places I frequent most, illustrating the emotion and memories each place evokes. By capturing moments with small, sometimes hidden detail, I show a personal relationship I have with the spaces. It is a body of work in progress, as there are many more places I find magical enough to put ink to paper.

Artist Bio

I am a screen printer and illustrator from Buffalo, NY. I began screen printing in 2014 and fell in love with the process- turning any idea into a tangible piece of art. I started printing t-shirts in several different shops, producing thousands of orders from local businesses to epic clients. A couple of years after getting into screen printing, I started and continue to teach children and adults how to print on paper and t-shirts at The Western New York Book Arts Center (WNYBAC), a local educational non-profit in downtown Buffalo. I’m a member of the Center and also use their Studio to do my printing and custom work. I create all my designs and drawings from my home studio and bring in my materials to print. I plan to continue to expand this collection of work, one day setting up a studio of my own.




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