Playlist of the Month - Featuring Emily O'Connor


It’s a well-known fact that music can be a huge source of inspiration. It can transform you into a different place or time, provide endless emotions, connect you to others, make you move, and motivate you to get things done.

Every month we will be featuring a playlist created by one of MUSEjar’s favorites: our teachers, collaborators, or local inspirations, and how they use music as their MUSE.

This month's MUSE Music is brought to you by one of the MUSE family members, Emily O’Connor. Emily is a content creator for MJ, a mom of a sassy four-year-old with one on the way, and is married to her high school sweetheart who is going to harshly judge her for putting Bieber on her playlist. 

“Music to me serves a greater purpose in life. It can bring different types of people together, set the vibe for any occasion or mood, bring you back to any moment in time or drift your mind away from real life.

One of my favorite things to do is drive in the car with my husband. Music is KEY for us. He usually has me guess the artist because I’ll know the lyrics but not who sings them, and I try and see how high pitched his voice can get. He challenges me by putting on a screamo song and seeing if I can mimic it- which is just embarrassing.

We take pride in the fact that our daughter asks for songs by “Mallrat,” “Henry Jamison” or “Little Image,” rather than “Let it Go” for the 800th time.

My playlist is a mix of my concentration music, my can’t live without songs (yes, this includes Bieber's “Sorry” and I am NOT ashamed), my all-the-feels songs, and some of my favorite nostalgic songs. Enjoy!”