Spring Art Walk 2019


Featuring artist Nicole Vescio of Svanur

Walking into MuseJar on the night of Art Walk was like walking into an ethereal escape from the cold rain outside. From the smell that wrapped you up and invited you in, to seeing petals scattered on the ground, it was a magical experience. To quote myself, “I want to turn into a fairy and dance in this silk.” But my favorite part about the installation came from speaking with the artist, Nicole. I’ll get into this in a bit!

Nicole is a “a self proclaimed botanical healing artist,” and boy did she heal! I came into the store VERY grumpy from a busy few weeks and instantly my mood was lifted. As I weaved through the store, my senses were taken over. There was a light smell of magnolias throughout the air, the silk was smooth as it brushed against my skin, you could hear the crunch of the flowers spread over the ground as they were stepped on as if they were a reminder “Hey! Don’t forget to look down at me!”

In the very front of the store was this tangle of vines, FILLED with flowers, that seriously looked like Beyonce could borrow it for a crown. There were flowers everywhere; from petals on the ground and across the window display. Silks, hanging from the ceiling, that were the most beautiful colors. Each one being displayed with magnolia’s. Weaved throughout the display were little cards with quotes that fill you with happiness.

I had a chance to speak with Nicole about her instillation. THIS IS SO COOL GUYS! (Favorite part! Right here!) I asked a pretty vanilla question, “Tell me about this.”

All of the flowers are the “waste” from florists; flowers they would have otherwise thrown away! Nicole works with a local florist so she can collect the waste flowers and incorporate it into her work. IT GETS EVEN COOLER! Not only does Nicole reuse the poor little flowers that no one loves, she uses them to create natural dyes!

Back to Queen Bey’s Crown… the vines were wrapped around a willow tree, suffocating the willow. Nicole felt the need to help try and save the willow tree, so she pulled it off and voila! her display came into fruition. Nicole’s work is based in the earth and creating with materials that she finds. The vines didn’t need to be adjusted, they just naturally fell into place. It was perfect just the way it was for her to create her hanging piece.

When speaking with Nicole, she told me that she does everything based off of her intuition. She feels continuously inspired by the way the earth speaks and the heart listens. When creating the silks and other bundle dyed fabrics, she uses the moon cycles as a way to time her process. She always begins on a new moon and knows when the cycle is complete just by listening to her intuition. My favorite silk that was hanging was dyed with 1000 rose petals. It is beautiful.

The entire experience was inspiring. She created this beautiful exhibit out of things that most would view as waste. It is a great way to look at what the world offers around us.

To end, here is a quote from the artist herself.

We are within some seriously breaking open times, where our mind and spirits are evolving to create a new collective reality. We are at the edge of so much breathtaking change and shifting it can feel tiring. Mother nature is there to hold us in complete reflection; impermanence as holy beauty. Mother nature teaches us how landscapes change. A mantra which has bestowed so much wisdom for my personal journey as an artist. Our one true promise in this life is that landscapes will change, within and around us, softness is a necessary medicine as we move forever forward. These collections of skincare, fiber art, and natural installations are meant to connect the entire mind, body, and spirit to the pulse of our planet. Inviting you to see not just with your eyes, to feel the unexplained, allowing you to tap into magic as it is all around us, always.

Written by Emily O’Connor


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