Julia Hardick

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What's your MUSE?

"Ever since I can remember I have loved nature. I lived in our woods growing up and was constantly making tree forts, digging for worms, and playing in the creek. It was where I felt most ME. Today- not much has changed. Anytime I am feeling stuck in a rut or need to be refreshed I crave nature. Even when I am at my peak of inspiration I still crave nature. Sometimes it’s a long walk at Chestnut Ridge, sometimes I need to see the sunset on the beach.  No matter where I am outside I constantly feel inspired and reenergized. There’s something about the power in Mother Nature that is mind bowing and really makes me take a step back and breathe. It is crazy empowering to sit on the beach and watch the massive sun disappear beneath the horizon while hearing the slow peaceful sound of waves crashing. Usually I hear some dogs barking too, since they’re with me wherever I go! They are also an insanely big part of my life and always keep me laughing. They teach me patience and how to love unconditionally. They really tie together my need for nature and inspiration because they too love nature- and need it! 

I am Julia Hardick, a creator, maker and doer and nature and my dogs are my MUSE!"

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