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Watercolor Brush Techniques & Botanical Painting

Students will learn a variety of brush strokes and watercolor brush techniques to create both calligraphic and dry brush marks. They will then paint a colorful plant still life provided by the teacher. 

Instructor: Jennifer Koury-Grober

Ages: Adults - no experience needed

Materials: Come prepared with your own supplies. See supply list below. 

This is the first class in a 3 part session of watercolor technique classes. Classes can be attended and purchased individually or you can sign up for all three at the discounted price of $105.

NOTE: All classes require a minimum number of students to run. Please sign up in advance to help avoid cancellation due to low registration. In the case of a cancellation you will be notified prior and receive a full refund. Please read our class policies. 

Class Supplies

1.  Reference photos for the specified class you are taking; photo recommendations included in class descriptions.
2.  Two sheets of Arches 140 lb Cold Press, 22" X 30" or Fabriano watercolor paper.
3.  Plastic or metal portable palette and your favorite watercolor paints OR
   A set of Daniel Smith watercolor paints in tubes not tubs.
Please do not feel obligated to purchase all of the following listed colors.  Winsor and Newton and Holbein brands are also high qualityoptions.
Colors MIGHT include:  cool yellow- Aureolin, Bismuth, or Lemon Yellow, and warm yellow- Hansa,  Burnt Sienna, Mars Yellow or French Ochre, Burnt Umber, warm blue- Cobalt and/or Ultramarine Blue and/or Indanthrone Blue, and cool blue- Phthalo and Manganese Blue or Turquoise Blue, and warm red-Perylene Scarlet or Perylene Red, and a cool red- Quinacridone Rose.  An optional color Opera- pink and Mineral Violet- purple family.
4.  Your favorite brushes which should not be harder bristle oil painting brushes or
Synthetic round brushes: recommended brands - Simply Simmons or Gold Taklon Sizes- #30 round AND/OR a #6 squirrel mop brush (Escoda brand or Richeson brand)- Mop should come to a point, #10 round and #6 round, (#20 and #12 round- Optional, but good to have).  Soft Flat brushes for larger washes:  1" flat synthetic brush and larger if you have them.
5.  8 ½ x 11 Sketch book and Pencils- #2, or H and 2B.
6.  10 pieces of inexpensive sketch/drawing paper, approximately 18 x 24.  We will use the sketch paper for experimenting with washes and brush control.
7.  Kneaded eraser- Kohinoor and Prismacolor are good brands or soft white eraser.
8.  Small plastic container with a lid to hold water and 5-10 paper towels.
9.  Masonite Drawing Board, 23" x 26" or similar size, or gator board to support your watercolor painting.
10.  Masking tape.
11.  Fine mist spritzing bottle, available in the travel section of drug stores and sometimes in the dollar store.
12.  Pad of paper and pen, if you would like to jot down some notes.

January 24
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